If ever I was unsure whether I was an addict or not, all I would need to do is take a look at my posts in this blog! I am literally shocked to read how many ups and downs and tricks and crazy stuff I’ve posted here. I’m so happy to have finally found and accepted the solution. I have a lot of ‘splaining to do, to anyone who still reads this blog. I am deleting any link to my facebook profile and deleting my picture from wordpress b/c I am and will continue to talk about my recovery using the Overeater’s Anonymous 12 step program, which by title and definition requires anonymity at the level of press, radio and all other forms of public media, including social media. Once I feel like all of the links to my full name and picture have been severed, I’ll begin posting freely again. Thank you to all who have stood by me all these years.
I am hoping somehow my story will help others who still suffer.


The spiritual journey begins.


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