A day in the life…..

A few days ago I posted the diet James designed for me. I have to say that after much confusion and a few days of feeling like I was going to die, I’m feeling SO GREAT about it. At first I read 6 oz of chicken and that’s all I had….just the chicken. Then, I realized: Most herbs and seasonings have 0 calories, 0 carbs and green veggies are FREE so WHYYYYY am I boring myself to death???? I learned how to cook things that tasted AMAZING while still adhering to the caloric deficit he wants for me. So, let me walk you through a day in the life of Candace (because I know you are really anxious to know what it’s like).


5:30am- Wake up time (I know! It’s HORRIBLE and should be illegal to get up that early.)

6:00am- Get to work. (I really should eat breakfast BEFORE I begin, but my body isn’t even awake at that time.)

7:30ish- Breakfast 1/2 cup cottage cheese  with 1/2 cup of grapes. (My fave fruit with cottage cheese is banana or grapes)

11:00ish- 2nd meal: 1/4 lb tilapia with sautéed onion, garlic and cilantro and lemon pepper and 1/2 cup long grain brown rice.

2:30ish-3rd meal: Banana cream protein powder mixed with water. 16 all natural roasted almonds.

3:45- Kick My Butt training session with James. This workout included 460lb leg press (2 sets of 12 reps) SEE MY YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!!

5:00ish 4th meal: 1 egg and 1/2 cup egg whites with toasted sandwich thin  (http://www.oroweat.com/thins/)

7:00ish- Took the roommate to the gym and walked her through a workout. I LOVE kicking her butt!!!! (Sort of a free training session!)

8:30ish 5th meal: 8oz ground turkey made into meat balls with tomato and basil….along with a plentiful amount of squash and zucchini.


As you can see I am eating ALLLL DAYYYYYY and only feel hungry after one of the carb heavy meals. This is quickly quieted with a large glass of Crystal Light (my fave is Raspberry Lemonade) or water.

Please do not be under the impression that this is easy for me. I have a really hard time at night. After my last meal before I go to bed I want cake, cookies, ice cream, taco bell, fried chicken, or pizza. I usually settle for a pickle. Lol…..also have a hard time at work because I am nurse, family members are always bringing in cookies or candy or something. I have to walk by with a “no, thank you.” I’m wondering how long it will be until someone brings in a veggie tray for me instead!!!!

Shall I post a sign?


3 thoughts on “A day in the life…..

  1. June says:

    Portions are hard for me. Realigning my eyes to what is enough. I like that you included numbers, because it’s easier to visualize.

  2. Angie says:

    Nighttime is hard for me too! I have historically had my worst binges at night in front of the television so I have to not only try to stay super busy but make sure that my last meal is protein-heavy followed by a ton of water.

    Love the grazing all day! I’ve been doing the same and can tell a huge difference in blood sugar levels and energy!!

    You are a bad ass!

  3. christina james says:

    You are an inspiration sweety! I am so super proud of you! I know that I can do it too! The scale for me just hit 302. I need to get serious about this. I want to ! You definitley helped! Love you girly!

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